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We are Madworks: An "one-stop shop" for all your IT needs. Our strength lies in offering a creative and strategic partnership that helps our clients grow.

Our approach is efficient and simple, you tell us what you want and we'll make it so it will merge in your company effortlessly.

We at Madworks follow the principles of green computing, green computing is not just a more sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to computing it also means very real savings in money terms.

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Are you a Windows, Mac, Linux user or all of the above? We at Madworks will not make you choose. We'll develop your Application plataform independent.

You'll be able to have a "multi-operating system" workspace without the problem of paying extra.

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Do you want multiple computers on one network? Do you want all your workers to have access to shared resources like printers, servers, internet etc.? Do you want to incorporate your blackberry, iphone or other smartphone to your network? Do you want that high tech office you saw on tv last week? Do you want all of this and don't want the hassle that comes with computers? Do you want ..."fill your request here"... ?

If your awnser is Yes, we can help you make your office the most efficient workplace posible.

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An ideal logo grabs attention, makes a statement, and burns itself into memory. With alot of creativity and a little bit of magic we at Madworks know precisely what it takes to make that logo shine. Our goal is to help each company create its own unique and memorable corporate identity quickly, efficiently and affordably. some examples below

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A simple promotional website or a complicated web-application. We can help. Our designers and programmers will implement any idea you have.

We'll design, implement, host and promote you website so you'll be able to google yourself.

Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-bassed, Webdesign, SEO, Network, Logo , Web-hosting, PC/Mac repair, Consulting and much more...
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Our slogan is "Your imagination is our creation" and we stand by that. Our approach is finding simple solutions to complex problems.
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